Our staff

Lisa Shamah

Lisa provides the long term vision with respect to the structure of services that Etipser offers. Based upon her experience with raising a special needs son, working in the public education system, and employment with State of Arizona's Department of Disabilities has given Lisa the unique perspective of the required support families need.

Darrel Shamah

Darrel has over 25 years experience as an Operations and Management Executive with an exceptional ability to identify, plan, implement, and sustain productivity and quality improvements. Darrel is responsible for the overall business systems and efficiency of the organization.

Tina Nance

Tina manages the company's daily operations and provides direction to the provider staff. Her background in the public education system and the State of Arizona's Department of Disabilities has honed her skills in the development of behavior plans, IEP and ISP support as well was Habilitation goal development.