History and founder

Etipser, LLC started in response to the lack of providers available to meet the needs of special needs children. Overworked parents needed quality providers who had an understanding of child development and how to meet the requirements of special needs children. Lisa has more than 15 years experience as a provider and working with special needs children withing the public education system. Additionally, Lisa Shamah, is the parent of a special needs child herself and understands first hand the difficulty of finding qualified providers. Families of special needs children need quality, trustworthy, knowledgeable, and dependable providers. Etipser, LLC was born from Lisa Shamah's frustration and disappointment in finding qualified providers.

Our mission

At Etipser, LLC we pledge to provide quality care while preserving the dignity of our clients through unparalleled customer service, respect and trust of our clients and their families.

"Trust, Respect, Dignity...One Client at a Time."

Our clients

Etipser L.L.C. is proud to be contracted with the State of Arizona Department of Developmental Disabilities to provide home and community based services. We offer highly qualified Habilitation, Respite and Attendant Care providers to meet your child's goals and learning styles. We offer ongoing classes to keep our providers up to date on new information and training techniques.

Where we work

Our services are offered in either your home, public settings or within the office. Each program is customized to to fully take advantage of the least restrictive environment for your child.